Your employees are your
biggest business asset

Sickness, injury, absenteeism and presenteeism costs Australian businesses significant money every year. Your employees are your biggest business asset.


Safety Matters is your partner in workplace health and safety

We collaborate with you to provide tailored, smart and sensible solutions to your unique situation.

How we help

Meet compulsory WHS obligations

 Workplace Health and Safety Compliance is not an option, but a legal obligation. Your greatest assets are your employees. We are your business partner in meeting your legal and WH&S obligations, reducing your employee risks, improving their welfare and productivity, and contributing to a better bottom line. Read more.

Reduce your risk and raise your productivity

Workplace injuries and absences are both costly and disruptive. Understand your risks and implement preventative measures so that you can maintain happy, healthy staff which, in turn, encourages better engagement and greater productivity. Read more.

Stop little pains becoming a big problem

This is where making a little investment, eliminating a little pain, which can quickly grow to a big problem at significant cost, makes a lot of sense. Attention to ergonomics and good working habits helps avoid staff downtime and future costs to the business. Read more.

Workplace retention

Businesses with good reputations for looking after their employees are far more likely to retain them, lowering recruitment costs.


Employers are responsible for the safety and welfare of their employees, including anticipating potential problems in order to mitigate them.


Businesses with excellent occupational health and safety records set a standard of excellence among their peers.