Knowledge is power: know your obligations as an employer

Workplace Health and Safety Compliance is not only a legal obligation, it’s smart business. Your greatest business assets are your employees. Safety Matters Australia help you meet your legal and WH&S obligations, reduce risks, improving employees’ welfare and productivity, and contribute towards a healthy business.

WHS Services

Safety Matters Australia delivers clear and comprehensive Work Health and Safety services as a key component of our service offering.
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Ergonomic Services

Best practice workplace set-up helps prevent or mitigate injuries from becoming workers’ compensation claims.
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Education & Training

Safety Matters conducts training in all aspects of Work Health and Safety, including legislative and practical matters, tailored to your specific needs.
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Injury Management Services

We work with you, your injured employee, your insurer and government bodies to ensure a safe, timely and sustainable return to work.
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Registered Occupational Therapy Services

Our Occupational Therapists can assist with plans, assessments, and hands-on help and assistance.
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Online Services

Geography is not an issue – we utilise technology to provide occupational workplace health and safety services.
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Take control

Don’t let a little pain become a big problem