Occupational-therapySafety Matters Occupational Therapists are registered with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia.

We can assist you with:

Reasonable Adjustment Plans

You have made a huge investment in your employees. If any employee is struggling at work due to any type of disability, whether it permanent or temporary, you are required by law (Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and 2009 changes) to assist and not discriminate.

One of our Registered Occupational Therapists can assist you with developing A Reasonable Adjustment Plan to assist your employee thrive at work and to assist you in meeting your legal obligations, and ensuring ongoing productivity for your business.

A Reasonable Adjustment Plan will be completed following assessment of the employee at work, consultation with their treating health professionals and management to identify an appropriate solution.

Activities of Daily Living Assessments

The Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are a defined set of activities necessary for normal self-care and those activities that allow an individual to live independently in a community.

Registered Occupational Therapists are trained to assess a person’s capacity to participate in their necessary Activities of Daily Living and can guide development of programs to assist them in returning to their pre-injury ADL status.


We have experience and are certified to provide assistance with assessments or case management in the Motor Accidents Authority CTP system. We are adept at setting appropriate goals to achieve timely and positive outcomes.

CTP services provided include:

  • Single service ADL Assessments and reports
  • Initial Needs Assessments
  • Rehabilitation Plans
  • Case Management
  • ALD upgrading programs
  • Return to Work (RTW) Assessments and Upgrading plans.

Lifetime Care and Support

Do you need assistance in case management with a Lifetime Care and Support client?
We have case managers that are accredited to develop plans in consultation with participants to identify their goals and supports they might like to use to help achieve their goals.

Our case managers provide case management support and services to assist in organising and requesting most treatment, rehabilitation and care for participants.

The case manager will then work with Lifetime Care and Support and service providers to get the services the participant needs.

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