Injury management services

RunningUndoubtedly the cost of management of an injury sustained at work demands professional attention. At Safety Matters we work with you, your injured employee, your insurer and government bodies to ensure a safe, timely and durable return to work. Our process of involving all relevant and appropriate parties in the process ensures the highest level of commitment, transparency, and understanding. Which in turn is an effective way of ensuring efficiency and therefore minimum outlay during the return to work program.

Initial Needs Assessments

Initial Needs Assessments are used to assess your employee’s current abilities and challenges – physical, cognitive and psychosocial. SMART goals (Simple, Realistic, Motivational, Achievable, Timely) and Rehabilitation Plans are developed to ensure your employee’s needs are met for optimum function in daily activities and workplace activities.

Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment provides a breakdown of the physical and psychological aspects of an employee’s work tasks and responsibilities. Safety Matters’ Occupational Therapists are skilled in task analysis and have a minimum of 10 years industry experience in workplace rehabilitation. We are dedicated to ensuring accurate and efficient assessments to determine appropriate outcome focused suitable duties plans.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Assessment aims to provide a clear indication of a worker’s current functional capabilities. Safety Matters provides both standardized assessment procedures (Workhab) as well as Mini FCEs. The Workhab procedure provides a complete overview of current function, whereas the mini FCE targets key areas relevant to the worker’s needs in the workplace or specific to their injury. All FCEs are provided by trained OTs with a minimum of 10 years field experience.

Provision of Workplace Aids and Equipment

Following on from the Workplace Assessment, various aids or equipment may be recommended to assist your employee in achieving their goal of a successful return to pre-injury duties. We work with a wide variety of suppliers to ensure up-to-date knowledge regarding available equipment.

Vocational Assessments

A Vocational Assessment provides an in depth analysis of an employee’s transferable skills, education history, work experience, social situation, current functional status and interests to assist with their successful return to work program. A report including a labour market analysis is provided to assist in identifying realistic vocational options and goals for the injured employee who cannot return to their pre-injury position or workplace. Liaison with treating medical practitioners and/or treating health professionals is also undertaken to ensure the vocational options identified are supported by the employee’s current functional status and long term prognosis.

Case Management

Case management is a process for ‘ensuring that clients are provided with whatever service/s they require in a coordinated, effective and efficient manner.” ADAHPT Case Management Model – NSW Health.

Safety Matters is committed to providing return to work and rehabilitation services to all workers including those with complex cases or exceptional needs. Workers with complex cases or needs often require multiple allied health and medical services with constant liaison and monitoring with the insurer and other members of the medical team. Safety Matters team of highly experienced case managers are committed to providing best practice case management services to assist in successful outcomes for all parties.

Vocational Counselling

Vocational counselling is incorporated into general case management of a Return To Work claim. Our rehabilitation case managers are trained to liaise with the treating providers and empoyers working with the employee to ensure clear and achievable goals are identified together with appropriate strategies to achieve the goals.

Our Experience and Accreditation

Safety Matters works with many blue chip companies and employers with excellent return to work rates as a testament to our capability.

Safety Matters Australia is accredited by NSW WorkCover, Accreditation #504, and Comcare, Accreditation #1412 3069.

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