Ergonomic services

ErgonomicsA key component in preventing or mitigating injuries from becoming workers’ compensation claims is best practice workplace set-up. This can include office environment, home office, manufacturing, warehouse, driving, schools, etc.

It is surprising given today’s approach to preventative lifestyle measures that ergonomic set-up is either not done, or not done appropriately, and can often lead to chronic pain disorders and decreased productivity.

A simple workplace or workstation set-up and audit implementation process may reduce future injury and days lost, and increase productivity and profitability. We spend so much of our time at work that it makes sense to ensure the safest set-up.

Our professional approach to ergonomics is a low cost / high value, common sense service to employers in every workplace and with every work force.

Our one-to-one assessments includes:

  1. A full Ergonomic Assessment of your workstation
  2. A detailed and personalised Action Plan
  3. Behavioural and Equipment recommendations
  4. Customised stretching routines

Home office assessments

Do you know how your employees are set up when working from home?

Ensure the safety and comfort of your work from home employees, and ensure that you are meeting your obligations as an employer in providing a healthy as safe workplace, wherever your employees may be.

Additional ergonomic services

  • Ergo Sweeps: recommended for office relocations, new employees and in conjunction with group ergonomic education training sessions
  • Standardised Ergonomic Equipment lists
  • Ergonomic program development & administration
  • Follow-up employee surveys

Free Consultation: 
Walk-through workplace analysis to assist with identifying your business needs.

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