The Standing Workstation Conundrum

Stand tall when you work.

In the midst of a recent (and overdue) office tidy-up, I came across a newspaper clipping dated March 2010 – ‘Beware the Chair.’ It was about this time that the initial studies on the health hazards with prolonged sitting were being published and grabbing media attention, and the standing workstation was starting gain momentum. Other similar […]

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Keep your feet on the ground!

Diverse People Reading Books on White Background

Sitting is challenging when done for long periods. Our spine is put under additional loads due to the postures many of us sustain when sitting at our workstations.  And many don’t realise that additional stress is added to our postures if our feet aren’t supported properly. Three things that we typically see when a workstation is too […]

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Do you have a pain in the neck?

Neck Poke Posture

Your pain could be due to a NECK POKE POSTURE or another term, a FORWARD HEAD POSTURE?  So what does this mean?  This is simply illustrated by the attached photo. As you can see, the head position is protruding forward in relation to the shoulder joint. This is common in people who sit in front […]

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Typing dos and don’ts


Little did I know when my mother insisted that I enrol in a typing class in high school that I would use those touch typing skills every day of my life. Are you in an office right now?  If so, have a look around you at the various typing styles. Can you tell which ones […]

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What is the Pomodoro technique?

Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique has nothing to do with tomato sauce. It’s a hugely popular technique that not only improves your productivity, but gets a giant tick of approval from occupational therapists for being healthy and sustainable. Learn more.

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